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A closer look at reading – Test A

The next six posts are going to showcase each of our assessment levels and the design features of each of them. In this post, we’ll start at the beginning with […]

Designed for Reading

Being referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), the Assessment Resource Project used that framework when designing the format and the layout of the assessments. When that framework didn’t […]

“I can’t read my cell phone bill.”

After class the students were huddled around talking about their experience. There was one text in particular that caught their attention – the one about the energy bill. “Did anyone […]


We are excited to be working with Katie Songer to develop the graphics for the assessment tests. Currently we have all of Test 2 illustrated and are working on Test […]

Pilot – take one!

We are excited to say that the next stage of the project took place today. We have started the internal pilot here at Bow Valley College. We tried out the […]

Welcome to the Adult Reading Assessment Blog

Bow Valley College is currently developing an adult reading assessment resource, referenced to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS).  This is an easy to use, pencil and paper tool designed […]